This is the world map:


The only places you need to know by name are the highlighted ones. They are the main hub cities. You cannot walk directly from one area on the world map to another. There are two main ways to get places, NPC cart drivers, and teleporting.

NPC Cart Drivers Edit

All NPC drivers are indicated by this symbol on the local map:


There are three kinds of NPC drivers. The first the first type primarily brings you from one zone, to one other zone. Most (but not all) will also bring you to the two main cities (HangZhou & KaiFeng). You will find them in every zone. Every NPC driver is this kind unless specified.

The other two types are found only in HangZhou and KaiFeng. They come together like this:


And are found in these two places:


The woman on the left will bring you to any other province. When speaking to her, the bottom option will bring you directly to the main city you are not currently in. The top option will give you a list of all other zones to choose from. This list is nested, with several zones per line. You select the line with your zone in it, and then the line with only your zone in it. So if you wanted to go to '江南', you would do this:


The guy on the right brings you directly to some class's school. The interface is like the woman's above, but with class names instead of zones. The class names are:

TaiBai (1 sword) - 太白

ZhenWu (2 sword) - 真武

Beggar (fist) - 丐帮

TianXian/Fantasy (umbrella) - 天香

TangMen (fan) - 唐门

ShenWei (spear) - 神威

Teleporting Edit

Every 15ish minutes you get a free teleport. You can teleport to any place across any map that looks like this:


Just click on one and hit the left button in the dialogue prompt.

Finding Quest Locations Edit

In your quest log there will often be underlined text. Mouse over it to get a popup box:


The first two characters in the box are the name of the zone your objective is in.